• Jerrod Johnson


Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Hello guys & gals, Jerrod Johnson here from Johnson Auto Detailing based out of Carson City, NV. Thanks for coming by to check our first new blog post! it means OH so much! Much love to you guys!

Oh Shit! not again! Dont you hate walking up to your baby (car) and seeing it got bombed with bird poop? well lucky you In this blog you guys will understand the importance to remove bird dropping /deposits off of your vehicles surface as soon as possible. You will also learn how to safely remove bird dropping/deposits & what are actually "bird dropping/deposits"? what does it does it actually do to your paint? are you guys ready? if so...Lets get rolling!!


Most of you guys think of bird dropping as of being no problem, just leaving it baking into your vehicles clear coat on a hot sunny day. not giving it a second thought, you're to worried about that (.......) . In reality the bird dropping is actually eating away your clear coat/starting to etch into the paints finish little by little with out you even knowing it. Also if it is left on to long It can actually cause permanent damage to your vehicles finish, & nobody wants to deal with that headache. It can only takes a few minutes for the bird dropping to start to etch the paint. It's important that you remove a bird dropping off your car's finish as fast as you can before it can cause any further damage to your cars beautiful finish. Bird droppings can easily harden on a sunny day with in a minute , causing more damage to your car’s exterior than coarse sandpaper. As the droppings might also contain grit, they can & will scratch the car’s finish, especially when you try to rub/clean them off (DO NOT try to remove them without reading this before hand).

Now lets go a little deeper....The Biology of it all: (Probably more than you ever wanted to know about bird poop) Unlike mammals, birds have no bladder – they don’t store liquid waste separately from solid waste. All of their waste is mixed together in an organ called the cloaca. Solid waste from the intestines is mixed with concentrated uric acid from the kidneys and everything is eliminated together. Thus the watery bombs we’ve come to know. Bird droppings contains Uric Acid & Uric Acid is unfortunately corrosive enough to eat past a coating of wax or paint sealant and then begin to etch your car's paint. (Insert sad face emoji here). Uric acid crystals add the white coloring to the waste matter. that's why all of the bird dropping are white in color. The uric acid levels in bird droppings is relatively high; reaching pH levels of somewhere between 3 to 4.5 – (quite acidic in my book).

Now lets go EVEN deeper than before.....The Chemistry: Why does acid tend to break down surfaces they come in contact with?

First lets really understand what pH mean? the book definition is: " pH stands for potential hydrogen with the “p” meaning potential and the “H” standing for hydrogen. The pH scale is a scale that is used to rank the relative basicity or acidity of substances to other substances, based on the amount of hydrogen ion activity in a substance." In other words PH is a measure of the levels of Hydrogen (H+) and Hydroxide (OH–) ions in a solution. When the Hydrogen and Hydroxide are present in equal levels, neutral H2O is formed (Boom just like magic). Neutral things like water or milk have pH levels of 7; the H+ ions and OH– ions are in equal number. When Hydrogen ions outnumber Hydroxide ions, acids are formed. Acids like lemon juice or uric acid have pH levels ranging between 0 and 7. Nature likes things to be balanced. A solution like uric acid, with extra Hydrogen ions will try it’s best to get back to a nice calming neutral by grabbing Hydroxide ions wherever it can find them. So in terms of automotive finishes these extra H+ (Hydrogen) ions found in the uric acid of bird droppings will react with the hydrocarbons of the finish – slowly breaking down the clear coat finish.

Now why not go deeper than the ocean floor? lets talk about the Physics: That sunlight is doing more than reflecting beautifully off your freshly detailed car! think again!

There is more at play here than simply biology and chemistry. There is also a good deal of thermodynamics at play. Yes, we have to understand that everything takes a toll, all of the sciences have come to play to fully understand the damage that a simple bird dropping can cause on your vehicle. I remember taking HVAC classes at my local Community college (Yes that was my first major, lasted about 3 months) one of the first big lessons that were drilled in our head were that heat causes expansion and cold causes contraction. Still with me? As heat is added to molecules they tend to move around and bounce off of each other at a faster rate. As molecules warm up and cool down, the physical space between them increases or decreases. Metals are good examples of this thermodynamic property. Ever hear the copper pipes banging in old houses with hot water heating systems? The banging is a result of the copper piping heating up, which leads to expanding and banging against the framework holding the pipes in place. The same thermodynamic principal effects the metal of our car bodies as well. As the sun warms the cars metal during the day the metal expands slightly. Paint and clear coat also expand in the warmth of the sun. In fact, the clear coat becomes porous and allows some of that acidic uric acid to penetrate. At night, as everything cools down, things start to contract and the clear coat starts to harden again. Only now it hardens around the newly incorporated uric acid. Over time, this constant expansion and contraction allows the uric acid to slowly etch into the clear coat and into the base paint coat. I bet you ever thought how in depth we can go into about bird droppings or any dropping in fact.

How to Safely remove bird droppings from your vehicles finish

Now we will understand how to remove bird dropping safely from your vehicles finish. Now keep in mind what we just discussed in the last section explaining how bird droppings also contain small bits of gravel/rocks and who in the hell knows what else... we will want to do minimal wiping to prevent any scratching to the vehicles finish keep that in mind!

lets get rolling.. So here are more realistic ways to remove bird droppings without having to re-wash your car. In this scenario you're at a car show or on the way to the grocery store and you re the lucky one that get hit by the bird droppings. Best thing you will be able to do is use a " Lubricant " or as everyone knows them as spray waxes but in all reality they are called "Spray Lubricants". A bottle of " https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006FUT05U/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B006FUT05U&linkCode=as2&tag=johnsonsauto-20&linkId=062bf6c4d853c0cd73c4dccb4629aa67" would do the trick just fine. I use this Spray wax personally in my everyday detailing business & carry a bottle in each of my vehicles trunk for any emergency that might come my way. It provides great results that wont hurt the wallet, its a win - win in my book. Would be a good idea to pick up some good microfiber towels to pair up with. "https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BQYCKE8/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00BQYCKE8&linkCode=as2&tag=johnsonsauto-20&linkId=c8a5c1fd7226bdc10f7ed56dddde48cd" should be kept inside of your vehicle at all times.

The first thing you're going to want to do is to study the damaged area, to really see what you're dealing with. (Seeing if there is any rocks or heavy droppings to focus on.) Next what i like to do is "saturate" the surface where the dropping is With your Spray wax "Lubricant". So we don't lose a lot of Solution, grab one of your micro fiber towels And fold it into a square & place it right under the dropping where you want to remove. Start to spray your Spray wax onto the dropping 1-3 inches away. You will start to notice the dropping breaking down and fall onto the towel. Where spots are more "baked" on, you will need to saturate the dropping and let the chemical sit and do the work. Fold your towel to a brand new clean side. The dropping will soften up enough for you to gently swipe up (no pressure, less pressure the better) to remove the bird dropping. So next time a bird dropping appears on your vehicle, make sure you remove the bird poop as soon as possible because if you don't, You can be left with permanent damage that possibly cannot be fixed.

Paint damage causes caused by bird droppings