- Auto Detailing -

What is Auto Detailing exactly?

It’s an important question that vehicle owners might ask themselves...


      Which option is the best for having my car looking, and feeling, as good as it deserves? While the corner car wash might try to entice you with a quick run through their machines, the truth is that not only your vehicle but you yourself deserve an unforgivable car detailing experience.  That’s where auto detailing enters the picture. To help you make the right decision for your car or truck, We are here to help provide clarity and answer, “what is auto detailing?”

    At its core, Auto detailing involves an effective, in-depth cleaning of a vehicle’s interior and/or exterior from top to bottom.  Generally, the correct definition for the term car detailing is to meticulously clean, polish and protect all parts of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist tools and products that would not normally be used by your typical car cleaner. It does not however, include paintwork and body repairs although sometimes light cosmetic restorative work will be undertaken, for example stone chip touch ups and clear coat wet sanding, depending on the condition of the vehicle and the detailer in question.


    Auto detailing can also leave a lasting impact on your vehicle’s interior and/or exterior. Effective detailing goes beyond the standard “car wash clean”. It involves the use of special equipment designed to maximize results and help ensure that your car, truck, exotic, Boat, RV or Truck will be protected & shines bright. Car washes can leave unwanted swirls and scratches with their dirty brushes, Dirty towels, improper washing techniques that will over all do more harm then good. However, Our technicians, tool & Experience will ensure that your vehicle’s paint is left looking better than ever.

    Take a look at our available packages that we offer below. Keep in mind that ALL packages can be combine together. For example you can combine an interior package with an exterior package... Auto detailing package with an extra sservies

- Mini Detail -

3+ hrs 
Sedans: Call/Txt

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- Hand wash with de-ionized spot free water.

- Foam bath with wax & wash solution.

- Tires, wheels, wheel wells cleaned & dressed.

- All Interior upholstery vacuumed. (Trunk included)

- Interior wipe down.

- All exterior/interior windows cleaned.


- Air-blown dry all crevices.

- Door jams wiped down. (Includes trunk & gas cap)

-Hand Wax Applied on exterior paint.

-Exterior Plastic trim will be dressed. Provides UV protection.

- High quality paper floor mat Placed on both driver & passenger side floor to preserve cleanses as long as possible.

- Final walk around & touch up of vehicle.

- Level I Detail -

4+ hrs 
Sedans: Call/Txt

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- Mini Detail  included.

- All Petals (gas,brake, clutch) will be deep cleaned.

- Iron/Fallout Wash.

- All emblems, trim moldings, rocker panels deep cleaned.

- Removal of all road grime and film.

- Entire vehicle & All exterior glass will be decontaminated with the use of a professional grade detailing clay bar (remove's embedded contaminates that become stuck to your cars paint and glass surfaces).

- Coat of paint sealant applied on exterior paint.( 4-6 months of protection)

-Wheels applied with Polymer paint sealant.

- All exterior trim pieces will be Dressed to new look & provides UV protection.

- Final walk around & touch of up of vehicle.

*Important Note: All prices are base estimates. Additional charges will be quoted before service for neglected and excessively dirty vehicles.

**Personal Items: Please remove all personal items prior to your appointment. Although I will take the utmost care with anything left inside your vehicle, I cannot be held responsible for any personal items left behind.

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